Migrate old Enviroments to our new hardware nodes

We at ELASTX want to provide our customers with one of the best platforms available and in order for us to continue towards this mission we have recently installed new hardware that is ready to be used inside our PaaS.

All new environments you create will by default be located on the new hardware but if you have older environments those need to be migrated. Sadly this can only be done in offline mode causing you to have some downtime.

How do I know if any of my environments is located on the new hardware?

  1. Login to your Jelastic account: https://app.jelastic.elastx.net/
  2. Hover over your the flag found next to your environments name.
  3. If you are using one of the following availability zones you application is running on our new hardware:
    * STO1 (NEW)
    * STO2 (NEW)
    * STO3

NOTE: All your environments can run in different availability zones and you need to check them one by one


How do I migrate my application to the new hardware?

Remember that following these steps will put your environment offline for a short period of time. An environment that is 2 GB in size takes around 2-5 minutes to migrate. If you have more local storage the migration will take longer.

  1. Press “Settings”
  2. Go to the tab “Migration"
  3. Select the availability zone you want to use:
    Important: Make sure you migrate you environment within the same availability zone, if you are moving your environment to another availability zone your IP addresses will be changed.
    A list how we recommend you to migrate your environments:
    * SE STO1 V1 -> SE STO1 (NEW)
    * SE STO2 V1 -> SE STO2 (NEW)
  4. Press “Verify & Migrate”

Note: You can only migrate one environment at the time, in case you have a larger amount of environments feel free to contact our support and we can help you to migrate all of them at once. (downtime will still be expected)

In case of any problems or questions feel free to contact our support: https://elastx.zendesk.com


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