Create ssh keys in Putty

This is an instruction on how to create and use ssh keys when you want to log in on your PaaS nodes.

Create the key

1. Download and run puttygen.
2. Click on "Generate" under actions to generate the ssh key.
3. Click "Save public key" and name it ssh-public-key.txt.
4. Click "Save private key" and name in ssh-private-key.ppk

Add public key to PaaS.

1. Log in to the dashboard
2. Go to "Settings" > "SSH Keychain" > "Public" > "Add Public Key"
3. Open the ssh-public-key.txt file and copy all text.
4. In the dashboard enter any name and then paste the public key in the "Key" field.
5. Click on "Add Key"


Connect with Putty.

1. Download and run Putty,
2. Enter "" under "Host Name"
3. Change the port number to "3022"
4. Under "Connection" > "Data" > "Auto-login username" enter you account number that you can see in the dashboard where you entered the public key.
5. Under "Connection" > "SSH" > "Auth" click on "Browse" to select the "Private key file for authentication" and select the ssh-private-key.ppk file you saved earlier.
6. Save the session under "Sessions" so you can connect without doing all the previous steps.
7. Click "Open" and you should be logged in.

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