DNSaaS intro

We have now released our DNSaaS in the ops platform.
It is based on the Designate project http://docs.openstack.org/developer/designate/.

When you create an instance a dns A record will automatically be created.

If you create an instance with display name server01 and your tenant ID is bd63fa06aaf9478d810d6fad22cce37f the dns record created will be:

If you add a floating IP with address to the instance the dns record created will be:

You can also create you own domain and add records. This is an example on how you can do it with the designate cli. It is Keystone authentication so you need to set the normal env variables for the cli client.

export OS_USERNAME=<yourUsername>
export OS_PASSWORD=<yourPassword>
export OS_TENANT_NAME=<yourTenantName>
export OS_AUTH_URL=https://ops.elastx.net:35357/v2.0

Create domain:

designate domain-create --name mydomain.com. --email admin@mydomain.se

 Create A record, use the domain id at the end from the domain you just created.

designate record-create --name www.mydomain.com. --type A --data 3b1203d5-86f7-48e7-94e4-06eafa1ed30a


To delegate the domain you will configure the following dns NS servers.


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