My environment shows old logs or none at all

This issue is a product bug in Jelastic 5.3 and have been escalated to Jelastic RnD Team.
It is expected that the bug will be fixed in Jelastic v5.4.

Meanwhile we can suggest you the following workaround:
It is needed to rename(or delete) all files which name contains two or more dot. 

Before rename After rename
catalina.2017-09-06.log catalina-2017-09-06.log
catalina.2017-09-07.log catalina-2017-09-07.log

How do I rename my logfiles?

  1. Expand your environment

  2. Press the wrench button (Config)
    You'll now be able to browse through the directories.
    Depending on environment the logs resides in different catalogs.
    Please look at the bellow chart where to look.

  3. Press the pen icon next to the logs name to rename it.


Environment   Log directory 
Glassfish   /opt/shared/glassfish/domains/domain1/logs
Tomcat   /opt/tomcat/logs
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