[DONE] Jelastic PaaS - Scheduled service window - Enable IPv6 support - 27th October 01:00 - 02:00 CEST

As announced last week we are upgrading to version 5.3.1 of Jelastic (Wednesday 18th October 20:00 - 07:00 CEST). This release includes Public IPv6 support and to enable this function we need to schedule a service window. This service window is scheduled the night after the Jelastic upgrade.  

Time of maintenance:

Friday 27th October between 01:00 - 02:00 CEST
Note - Thursday night moving into Friday

Systems affected:
Network connection will be down for a few minutes.  

More detailed information about the new release can be found in the Release Notes 5.3.0. Our support are happy to tell you more about the new features and how you can benefit from them. 

No End user application downtime is expected. If you have any questions or face difficulties please contact Elastx support.

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