[DONE] Scheduled test Elastx DDoS mitigation service - Thursday 15 June 01:00 - 05:00 CEST

UPDATED INFORMATION 2017-06-15 - Test of our DDoS mitigation service has been completed and was successful. Contact Elastx support if you have any questions. 

Scheduled service window - Test Elastx DDoS mitigation service!

Elastx is committed to provide our customers with high performance public clouds. As part of this we have invested in a best of breed mitigation service to protect our infrastructure from various DDoS-attacks.

This mitigation service provides security for our infrastructure and also an option for our customers to add this protection to their own environments running in Elastx cloud. This increased DDoS protection is now in place and we have scheduled below service window to test our On-Demand mitigation service. During the service window we will re-route traffic for all IP addresses starting with 217.61. to external scrubbing centers. Please note that the DDoS mitigation service is only available on these IP addresses and we recommend our users to move over to this IP-range if you have IP addresses starting with 88.88. or 192.121. (that will get deprecated in autumn). Elastx support can assist you if you have any questions. 

Time of maintenance:

Thursday 15th June between 01:00 - 05:00 CEST

Systems affected:
No instances will be affected and no planned service disruption. No action required from users. 

If you have any questions or face difficulties please contact Elastx support.

Elastx offers their customers a powerful On-Demand mitigation service. This service provides protection from UDP/ICMP Floods, SYN Floods, TCP Flag abuses, GET/POST Floods, DNS Reflection, DNS attacks. This is an additional service and please get in touch with your Elastx representative or Elastx support if you are interested in finding out more about how you can secure your environments from DDoS-attacks. 
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