Scheduled service window - Network maintenance 30 Jan - 01:00AM - 04:00AM CET

In our last service window all tasks but one went well. We had an bgp issue when we switched to the new internet environment and had to role back. This is why we need to schedule this additional service window with short notice. This work will also enable general availability of our three data centers. The planned release date is 1st February 2017. 

Time of maintenance:

Monday 30th January between 01:00AM - 04:00AM CET
(Note - Sunday moving into Monday)

Systems affected:
Internet access to our public cloud platforms will be disrupted for a 5 to 15 minutes up to two times during this service window.
Customer environments downtime expected during service window! 
(Internal network and server environments will not be affected but internet access will be disrupted)

If you have any questions or face difficulties please contact Elastx support. We are also delighted to schedule a meeting to inform you more how you will benefit from these new capabilities. 

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  • Service window completed successfully.

    We are now closing the service window.

    Have a great week!

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